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About Madhava

The original Madhava Honey.


About Madhava

Sweeten up your life (the all-natural way!)

At Madhava, we are committed to making life sweet. Naturally. Since 1973, Madhava Natural Sweeteners has been providing pure natural sweeteners that offer healthier alternatives to highly processed sugars and artificial sweeteners. Madhava's delicious, sustainable products include Pure Honey, Organic Agave Nectar, and new Organic Coconut Sugar.

Born of Honey

Founded in 1973, just outside of Boulder - the birthplace of the natural foods industry - Madhava Natural Sweeteners is a true legacy natural foods brand. Madhava is a Sanskrit word meaning "Born of Honey;" it is derived from the Sanskrit word madhu which means "sweet". We believe it is the perfect name for a true, natural foods company born out of the simple love for the sweet life!

How it all began

The Madhava story begins in a 100-year-old farmhouse on a small, scenic farm in the foothills of Colorado, just outside of Boulder. It was there our founder, Bart Utley - with the help of local beekeepers and some very busy bees - started producing and selling delicious, pure honey. 

In 1976, Bart brought in Craig Gerbore to grow the business. He continued successfully expanding the business over the next 35 years. Craig remained involved in day-to-day operations until 2010. Today he serves as a member of Madhava's Board of Directors. 

Madhava Today

Today, Madhava Natural Sweeteners is still privately owned and operated in the foothills of Colorado. We've grown considerably since our early days, but we've stayed close to our roots. In addition to pure honey, we offer all-natural, organic agave; and sustainably grown and harvested organic coconut sugar.

We're proud to bring you the highest quality, sustainable sweeteners from the family farm to your family's table.